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Baha’i World News Service Headlines

Global Conferences: Worldwide conferences have inspired hope, say societal leaders
Officials and other leaders are expressing appreciation for how the conferences have infused communities with a heightened consciousness of humanity’s oneness.

Azerbaijan: Bahá’í principle of unity inspires national conference on coexistence
The first national conference on coexistence in Azerbaijan was inspired by discussions about the Bahá’í principle of unity in diversity just days before to the event.

BIC New York: Recasting humanity’s relationship with natural world
Released on the occasion of Stockholm+50, the BIC explores root causes of escalating environmental breakdown and highlights principles and proposals for action.

Explore Baha’i Topics

Explore Baha’i Topics

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A Focus on Service…

A Focus on Service…

Baha’is around the world are engaged in activities of service called the core activities that are focused on transformation of their personal lives, their Baha’i communities, and the entire world community. These activities are Devotional Meetings, Study Circles, Youth Activities, and Childrens Classes. And everyone is welcome to join in! … find out more about local core activities through the contact information on the Contact Us tab…

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Baha’is have an outward orientation. Belief and action, being and doing, personal salvation and the betterment of the world all go hand in hand – and are ultimately the source of purpose in our lives. We hope you will join us in our endeavors to assist in the transformation and betterment of society.

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