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Baha’i World News Service Headlines

#ItsTheirLand: Unprecedented reaction makes voice of persecuted Bahá’ís in an Iranian village global
Campaign calling for the return of ancestral lands to Bahá’ís in Ivel generates unprecedented global outpouring of solidarity from officials and prominent figures.

Bahá’í Feast recognized as part of Singapore’s cultural heritage
The Nineteen Day Feast—regular gatherings dedicated to prayer, consultation, and fellowship—has been added to Singapore’s intangible cultural heritage list.

Foundation laid for House of Worship in DRC as Kenya temple nears completion
Completion of the floor slab marks a key milestone in the construction of the temple in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as exterior of Kenya temple nears completion.

Explore Baha’i Topics

Explore Baha’i Topics

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A Focus on Service…

A Focus on Service…

Baha’is around the world are engaged in activities of service called the core activities that are focused on transformation of their personal lives, their Baha’i communities, and the entire world community. These activities are Devotional Meetings, Study Circles, Youth Activities, and Childrens Classes. And everyone is welcome to join in! … find out more about local core activities through the contact information on the Contact Us tab…

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Baha’is have an outward orientation. Belief and action, being and doing, personal salvation and the betterment of the world all go hand in hand – and are ultimately the source of purpose in our lives. We hope you will join us in our endeavors to assist in the transformation and betterment of society.

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