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Nature and the Universe Activities and Practices Universal Peace Human Nature Education Religion Men and Women Work and Service Prophets of God Nature of God Way of Life Laws Society Past, Present, Future Administration Principles Marriage and Family Life Soul, Mind, and Body Creation and Evolution

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Heart to Heart is seven hundred topics discussed and questions answered using short quotes from Baha’i scriptures and framed by thought provoking graphics… developed by Uniting Hearts Networking Institute (a 501c3 nonprofit entity that is also the sponsor of the The Unity Museum ). You can visit the Heart to Heart website at

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Baha’i Reference Library

Visit the Baha’i Reference Library ( to explore the Baha’i scriptures in more depth.

  • Terrace Gardens, Israel

    Terrace Gardens and Shrine, Israel

  • House of Worship, USA

    House of Worship, USA
  • House of Worship, Chile

    House of Worship, Chile  (© Bahá’í International Community)
  • Temple in Australia

    Temple in Australia
  • Germany

    Frankfurt temple
  • Panama

  • Temple in Samoa

    Samoa temple
  • Uganda Temple

    Uganda temple
  • Lotus Temple, India

    House of Worship, India
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